I'm not even going to get too deep into the theoretical aspects of sexual agency and viewing choice versus violent content forced upon authors and commenters alike, or the fact that I saw a lot of the extremely bloody violent if not rapey .gifs on Gawker main page a month ago when the same trolls were harassing Aleks… » 8/19/14 8:23pm Yesterday 8:23pm

One of my employers has gotten on the mailing list from Hell for all kinds of crazy get-rich schemes printed on glossy flyers with bolded lettering in odd places and lots of exclamation points. It's easy to laugh at them because they're obviously ridiculous, in general. » 8/19/14 2:36pm Yesterday 2:36pm

I think it would be fine is Facebook was taken at... well, face value as a place to go and socialize and see stupid pictures and maybe according to some, the place you walk on eggshells to not upset your relatives instead of driving to grandma's house. BUT. More and more Facebook has imposed itself upon people's lives… » 8/19/14 5:23pm Yesterday 5:23pm

I dunno. The thing about subtext is that it can engage the imagination, which for a lot of people is the lure of books in the first place. In the absence of the ability to project visual imagery as they wish onto the characters and scenes, as it is all right there in front of them in full pre-selected color, it might… » 8/19/14 11:44am Yesterday 11:44am