I feel so empty right now.

I feel so empty right now. I keep doing things to keep myself busy and hitting a wall. I’m doing the laundry and I think, “I’d better close the closet door so she doesn’t smack into it.” I want to eat but I can’t stand the thought of food. And the pizza place still doesn’t come to my end of the street, so I know I’d… »7/22/15 7:54pm7/22/15 7:54pm


Gawker Owes You An Apology

So, over the past few days some of you may have noticed that you've been banned. If you weren't, you may have noticed that some of your conversation threads have disappeared from the page - that's because someone with whom you were speaking has been banned. I don't know how many there are right now, but it's more than… »5/27/13 12:34pm5/27/13 12:34pm